POTATO acting like pasta

At FAGN, our focus is to use local produce, and create a dining experience that you will not forget.

We try to show our passion and creativity through taste and presentation.

Our cuisine is traditionally Norwegian inspired with international experience that our chefs have learned and shared all over the world, at FAGN we believe in sharing and inspiring.

We set no frames around what we do.


This dining experience is one you must not rush, therefore we recommend that you set aside the entire evening and get a perspective of what we love.

We offer a smaller and a larger tasting menu.


Larger tasting menu (18-20): 1550,-

Smaller tasting menu (10): 1200,-

Wine package

Larger wine package: 1365,-

Suitable for larger tasting menu


Smaller wine package: 995,-

Suitable for smaller tasting menu

Upgraded package:  1750,-