THE staff

''Every afternoon we sit down together to have our FAGN family meal.''

Jonas Andre Nåvik

Owner // Head chef of FAGN

For me it's about more than just food, it's about the whole experience, from the moment you walk inside the door to the morning after.

Food has the power to make life lasting memories, and it's those I want to create for my guests.

Bendik Fladvad Størdal

Head chef

I dreamt about being a chef since I was very young, my mother would always let me experiment in the kitchen.

That started my passion for taste and learning, here is where I can share it with our guests.

Jeanette Johansen

Booking manager // Social marketer


I have always found social media marketing very interesting and a very innovative for restaurants especially.

Being apart of FAGN is full of inspiration and creativity.

Kenneth Dalos Bergmann

Sommelier // Restaurant manager

For me, the most important thing is to have fun, when you have fun with what you're doing, you do a better job.

Ayman Adbelkadir



Great start to my career. As a creative mind I will enjoy my time as an apprentice here.

Sondre Bråtteng


Having the opportunity to have my apprenticeship here, I feel there is no better place to learn and develop as a chef.

Julian Stavnebrekk

Waiter // Bartender


I like to serve people, make sure they are in the right mood at the right time.